Jim O'Rourke

it really did have a lot to do with the what was going on in that world of music then, it had a direct correlation. it’s funny, scend seems to hit some people. i remember bernhard guenter and christoph heemann and some other folks telling me how they really felt i had broken down a wall that was stubbornly standing at that time, and that was really encouraging, cause it means i must have gotten it right. but, it’s really hard to see that aspect of it now, i think, cause there’s been so much, uh "that" since then, hahah. that’s life.

I'm a bit older than people think. For a lot of people I know they've only become aware of me since '97 or so, but I've been making records since the 80's. In fact Thurston has told me that early on, when he was buying my first records, he thought I was some tweed coat wearing professor or something. Except for a few occasions, I've always worked with people older than me. The only real jokes spring from my early dismissal of Sonic Youth because they weren't noisy enough for me, heh. When I first heard Confusion is Sex, I thought, "That's not noisy!", but I was a hard core improv/noise guy then. I wanted Whitehouse and Amm 24 hrs a day.

Jim: And they always used to tease me about what was under their skirts and like dare me to lift their skirts with a ruler.
Kim [Gordon]: Wow.
Thurston [Moore]: You mean you didn’t know?
Jim: I didn’t know what was under their skirts.


RB: You have said that many of your albums are about Americana. Are these albums parodies or the results of a genuine infatuation - or of something entirely intermediate, indefinite, or equivocal?

JO: Not a parody at all, or infatuation, it's more like trying to reconcile what is imagined, learned, real and imaginary. It really only applies to bad timing and happy days. Parody and its ugly cousin irony are generally signs of laziness. Is it really that impossible to believe that something can be funny and sincere at the same time?


I would have saved enough money to get over to Europe and just started working over there and start playing with people. I spent a lot of time in Aachen. I would sit in Aachen for the summer and work with friends and take the train to another city and meet other friends and sometimes play shows. That build up during the four years of college, every summer going. When school stopped I got back to that, but on longer term basis. So I was doing stuff in Europe long before I was doing stuff in the States.

It's my nature to shoot myself in the foot. If something feels right, I don't do it. Maybe later it will end up being the right thing, but first I'll do something that doesn't feel right, which might give me a new perspective I wouldn't have had before.

Radio: Your favourite film ?
Jim: Performance.


I've played or worked with almost everybody I grew up worshipping. Just three months ago I had a piece premiered the same night as a piece by Luc Ferrari. This guy's a complete hero to me. I was just so fucking scared - I can't tell you how much I absolutely worship, kiss the ground, anything! He's the greatest living composer on earth! If it wasn't for him, I don't know what I'd be doing.

Fragmenty z różnych wywiadów z bohaterem dzisiejszej Audiosfery.

Nie wiem, co Patryk wybierze, ale ja zaproponuję coś z Crookt, Crackt, or Fly Gastr del Sol, coś z Cancer Illusion of Safety, z solowych rzeczy: Insignificance, Disengage. Do usłyszenia!

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a jak się o audycji zapomniało, to można gdzieś jeszcze jej posłuchać?

piotr tkacz pisze...

to zerknij na tracklistę: http://audiosfera.blox.pl/2008/12/Program-60-Jim-ORourke-17122008.html i jak nadal będziesz zainteresowany, to daj znać, bo tak - taka możliwość istnieje.

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playlista w porządku, rzeczy w większości mi znane, bardziej jestem ciekaw waszego komentarza. zatem tak - nadal jestem zainteresowany :)

piotr tkacz pisze...

sam tego chciałeś :)