Nahrani me z besedami - Martin Turk (wpatrywanie cz. 32)

Debiut długometrażowy słoweńskiego reżysera, który przeszedł do historii krajowej kinematografii jako pierwszy tamtejszy twórca, którego film zaprezentowano w Cannes w ramach Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.

Trochę się zgadzam z tym, ale nie potębiałbym tego filmu tak mocno.
Mental illness and potential nervous breakdowns quickly make this a compelling and interesting conversation piece—is the old country driving the family insane? Are the sins of the past still feeding the dour present? We’ll never know, because next we get a peek at just what Robert was up to in Turin, [...] In the end, it seems that an obnoxious amount of unrelated circumstances have been dictated by the heavens to make one dysfunctional family perhaps examine its serious issues. But if that’s really all that’s going on, why should we care? Turk never gives us any meaty details about the source conflict, and those easily annoyed by possible insidiously espoused religious views (that may as well be preternatural for the sake of this film), will most likely find Feed Me With Your Words to be an anemic source of pleasure.

The film’s biggest strength lies in its technique. There is clear attention to detail demonstrated by the positioning of actors and scenes to create beautiful cinematic images. Throughout the film, there exists a visual parallel between the character pairs of Matej and Janez and Ana and Veronika in which the bodies mirror each other in their placement within scenes, underscoring the characters’ relationships in a visually striking manner. The images have a distinct and pervasive blue tint, which adds to the solemn and longing tone of the film. The dream-like aesthetic quality of the images are an enhanced representation of reality, paradoxically encapsulating the film’s realistic portrayals in the frame of a fictional world. To contrast the bright atmosphere of the film’s many outside shots, dark shadows are utilized to add to the feeling that there is something wrong creeping within this otherwise normal narrative. (via)

Gdyby ktoś miał wątpliwości, to plakat Swedish Azz daje jasno do zrozumienia, że mamy do czynienia z nie do końca normalną rodziną. A tak na poważnie, to Turk interesuje się muzyką, wcześniej współtworzył taki dokument.

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