Pitchfork o tym, co się dzieje w nowojorskiej muzyce (nie)tanecznej, czyli o wytwórniach takich jak L.I.E.S., UNO, W.T. Records i o różnych ciekawych inicjatywach imprezowych.

Clive Bell streszcza książkę, której nie napisał. Reklamuje ją tak: "Westerners who re-wired World Music in the spirit of saving the whale".

Również dla Wire - Mark Fell:

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger thought that this absorbed, non-theoretical mode of activity offers a way of understanding the world that is more fundamental than detached and theoretical analysis. Heidegger argues that the privileging of detached theoretical reflection over absorbed activity is a fundamental error at the origin of Western thought, one that casts a shadow over Western society and culture.

The comparison of Thomas Dolby’s hypothetical synthesizer with Phuture’s use of the 303 demonstrates this hierarchy. The difference between the two is this: the function of Dolby’s system is to more or less accurately express a predefined musical proposition; Phuture, by contrast, enacted a previously undefined musical proposition.

W Rotterdamie miał premierę nowy film Philippe'a Grandrieux.

Podcasty: Holly Herndon, Samuel Kerridge, San Gabriel, Prostitutes.

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